Training programs

FlyJMB is a professional flight school, specialized in pilot training on VL3 Evolution aircrafts. We offer basic training, conversion training an instrumental training. In addition, FlyJMB also offers the rental of VL3 aircrafts. The rental of our airplanes can be on hourly, daily or weekly basis.

We provide the full basic training on VL3 aircrafts from start to finish. Depending on your time and budget, you can choose a training schedule of your choice. Our training programs start at the age of 16. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will take your first flying lessons without having to go through a theoretical exam first. We advise you to fly as much as possible before you start the theoretical courses. A small medical examination is necessary (class II)

Our avionics courses teach you how to get the most out of the Garmin G3X EFIS system. Set up a flight plan, import flight plans, in flight adjustments, approaches on autopilot, etc. We also focus on how to use the autopilot properly together with radio and transponder shortcuts. Contact us for an appointment.

Our conversion training is focused on learning to fly on the VL3 Evolution for pilots who fly different types of aircrafts. It’s a personalized course, focused on how to optimally use the full performance range of the aircraft. From short technical landings to cross-country navigations. Contact us for an appointment.

Theoretical courses

The theoretical courses are given at Airport Amougies by our own instructors in small groups of 8. The entire theoretical part consists of the following courses:

  • Regulations
  • Aerodynamics and technology
  • Meteo
  • Navigation

Practical courses

You will immediately start with your practical training. It's not necessary to complete the theoretical part in order to learn how to fly. The flying lessons are given every day and are individual. The duration of the flight training depends on your agenda and budget. The training for solo will take an average of 30 flight hours. During the practical lessons you will learn all stages of flying:

  • Basic controls
  • The different flight phases
  • Navigate on map
  • Precision flying
  • Emergency procedures
  • Radio procedures

Autonomous training

The autonomous training consists of all the different parts of pilot training. You choose when you want to start which part of the program. However - for best results - we recommend our training packages. 

  • Theoretical courses: € 1.250 (incl. courses and didac material)
  • Flight pack 5 hours: € 675 (incl. VAT, excl. flight instructor)
  • Membership fee: € 375


Start to fly


Theoretical courses: € 1.250
(incl. courses & didactic material)

Flight pack 5 flight hours: € 675

Membership fee: € 375

Pack 20 hours


Theoretical courses: € 1.250
(incl. courses & didactic material)

Flight pack 20 flight hours: € 2.700

Membership fee: € 375

Pack 40 hours


Theoretical courses: € 1.250
(incl. courses & didactic material)

Flight pack 40 flight hours: € 5.400

Membership fee: € 375

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